Handbuilt Vision

  A professional-looking video is as easy as pointing a camera, composing the shots, lighting the scenes, planning camera movement, capturing sound, editing the shots, transistions, compositing, color grading, rendering and uploading. There's nothing to it!

We love to create beautiful, professional video clips that you can be proud to show the world.

We create business videos and mini documentaries, simple music videos, music videos with actors, product shots, personal histories, interviews and more. See some examples below.

Videos we create for you can be embedded directly into your website.

Our video production services start from as little as $300.
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  A handheld, single-shot video with live sound recording and minimal editing (sound synching only).

A simple music video with editing and post production.

A music video with a director, pre-production, sets/locations, actors, crew, catering, editing and post production.

A business case study video with interviews, pre and post production, multiple locations, editing, music production.